Latin American Flood and Drought Monitor
Version 1.2
    The Latin American Flood and Drought Monitor is a powerful and versatile web-based tool that can monitor and predict periods of flooding and drought by providing up-to-date data for more than 20 different meteorological and hydrological variables, as well as allowing the user to visualize and download region-specific data.
    Main Features/Advantages:
  • Visualize historical, near-real-time, and forecast data on a simple and intuitive interface for more than 20 different variables and indices on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis
  • 0.25 deg spatial resolution and daily temporal resolution
  • Point data functionality allows users to take a closer look at their local situation by simply clicking at a location and selecting a relevant data set, which brings up a detailed plot of the climate and hydrological conditions there
  • Spatial data extraction allows users to download and process data for their own work
  • Basic interface for more remote regions with limited internet access